What’s the reason and the vision for this blog?

Since I was an exchange student in 2010 / 2011 I was thinking about starting a blog about that topic. So I could write about the things I experienced while I was in the US. So the following article is going over my vision for this blog.

In 2012 started a YouTube Channel with a friend of mine to discuss the topics in video form. But that did not work out the way we wanted – I guess – therefore we quit all our activities concerning the exchange student thing we had going.

After now almost 10 years I want to try it again. I guess I want to fight my inner couch potato and write about interesting stuff, you as an exchange student, need to consider before/during/after heading into your adventure. And the benefit I am getting out of this blog is a way to improve my English writing.

If you want to learn a little bit more about me, you can find an about me link in the menu or jump directly to the about me page.

What’s the plan for this blog?

Let me explain, what I have thought of… This blog is going to consist of three main topics:

preparation phase

That is the part, where I try to explain all the little details that have to be thought of before you are going to the US. Things like gifts for your host family and the first call.

stay phase

During your stay in the US, I want to give you some information about things you should try out while you are there. For example, going to the church or joining a youth group.

coming home phase

Believe me when I say “It feels different when you come back home!”. For example, friendships have evolved without you. There are maybe new relationships you did not know about.

I am going to post one article a week – every Sunday – and maybe more if I feel like it.

Why is the blog in English and not German?

Even though German is my mother tongue I feel like I can reach more people with English. Since everybody that is going to be or is an exchange student should at least be capable of reading and understanding English.

I hope this little introduction helped you to understand my vision for this blog.

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